Transforming the Ghanaian landscape is about breaking barriers and creating innovative spaces and experiences.
Dare to transform
We Are Reshaping Cities With Vision
We strive to propel cities forward. Our developments are inclusive, tech-forward and sustainable, and serve as economic and creative engines for their communities.
We Are Committed to Innovation and Entrepreneurship
We relentlessly pursue innovation. By empowering our talented team, we promote entrepreneurship and new ideas to bring our ambitions to life.

Hospitality Is in Our DNA
With us, hospitality comes first. With an eye to tech and a human touch, we provide seamless service that anticipates needs and enhances lives.

Our goal is to redefine the real estate industry

by thinking beyond the basic building blocks and focusing on architectural innovations for how people live.

— Neil Oku , CEO - Golden Coast Developers
After a 12 years on Wall Street as an investment banker and being one of the youngest senior vice presidents at Citigroup. Neil resigned in 2018 from his coveted position and moved back to Ghana. Charged with a strong desire to transform and elevate African real estate.

He has since brought about the commercialization of smart home automation in Ghana and has revolutionized the real estate industry with his willingness to share trade secrets with other developers for the benefit of the ecosystem at whole.
"If we want a better future, we have to take hold of the present"
With over 100 years in combined experience, we hire and partner with the best talent across the continent from design to development.
We place the needs of our clients at the center of our research and development. Simply put, what we build is not for us but for you.
Our team travels the world to source the best of materials and technology to build our homes that will last for generations.
GCD is the real estate industry leader in sustainability policy.
Our company's long-standing and ongoing commitment to sustainable practices has been recognized by a wide variety of independent industry and sustainability groups.